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5 Best Places and Trails To Enjoy Your High In Goderich, Ontario

Explore the most popular places as we’ve outlined the best views, camping spots and nature trails that you can enjoy while getting high in Goderich! We also added a personal “Cannabis Guys” rating for each place based on our personal ‘getting high’ experiences. For those who love relaxing, these spots can provide campers and nature lovers a natural escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visit Goderich with a couple of friends, grab a couple of pre-rolls and enjoy your cannabis when visiting the following places.

The Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail

This trail has a whole network of trails that are ideal for biking in winter seasons and hiking. The long trail starts right by the harbor and peaks with a lovely view of the Maitland River on the Menesetung Bridge. It is perfect for those looking to enjoy a day out with benches placed periodically for your ease and comfort. The picturesque scenery of the trail can create a perfect experience for those looking for a place to enjoy their high. The best part is the overarching view you get on the Menesetung Bridge with the water flowing underneath. In Goderich, this is our go to place to enjoy a pre roll.

The Cannabis Guys ‘High’ Rating: 8/10

Menesetung Bridge

This beautiful bridge made from wood and steel constructed in 1907, was the longest bridge in Ontario when it was created. It provides a spectacular view of Lake Huron with the Maitland River flowing underneath it. This bridge was a former CPR railway track, which was converted into a pedestrian bridge in the early 1990’s. Menesetung Bridge is the peak vantage point of the Dunlop Hiking Trail with the scenic view at dusk providing scenic views particularly at dusk. In our experience, the landscape is best enjoyed on a weekday, right before sunset as the sun sinks away into lake huron. Particularly if you want to enjoy your high, weekdays are less busier and much quieter, so you can enjoy the whole experience of the picturesque landscape and the sounds of the river flowing.

The Cannabis Guys ‘High’ Rating: 9/10

Goderich Main Beach

This is one of many beaches located in Goderich that you can enjoy on your visit. This is Goderich’s most popular beach and is the first one you’ll come across as you descend to the Goderich Waterfront. It is located on the Lake Huron Shoreline. This is a perfect location to enjoy a nice, sunny day out by taking a stroll along the beach. There are also a number of activities available from swimming, volleyball and other recreational activities. It can also be a place of relaxation for those looking for a quieter afternoon as the beach rarely gets busy. Light a joint or grab some edibles and enjoy your high with the beautiful view of Lake Huron while you bathe in the sunset. If you’re interested in other beaches that Goderich has to offer, check out our article “Top 9 Places to Visit in Goderich 2021”.

The Cannabis Guys ‘High’ Rating: 7.5/10

Point Farms Provincial Park

The park offers quite a variety of activities with the hiking trails ranging from 0.5km to 4km with plenty of wildlife to see along the trail. You can take a walk through areas that were once orchards and farm fields with a mixed wood forest along the way whilst seeing waves from Lake Huron. There is also a beautiful and sandy beach that can be accessed north to the point or from the Colborne campground. Conveniently, the park has access to many benches which are placed under trees giving an ideal experience in peak summer conditions. This is an ideal spot for a picnic on a sunny day, so pack your canna-brownies or your CBD edibles in your picnic bag and enjoy a day out with your friends or family. According to The Cannabis Guys, this is one of our more enjoyable spots to enjoy our highs within Goderich.

The Cannabis Guys ‘High’ Rating: 8.5/10

Maitland River Trail

We save the best for last, with our personal favorite, the Maitland Trail. This 50 km Trail stretches from Lake Huron shores running down along the Maitland River. For the more outgoing and adventurous types, this quiet and long stretch is a hikers and biker’s dream with the trail surrounded by lovely greenery with the Maitland river running along its side. We personally enjoy getting high in quieter locations and as the trail expands over 50 KM, there are many spots to take a break and enjoy the beautiful scenic landscape that surrounds the trail. In our experience, this trail in particular is enjoyed better in a group as you’ll most likely be enjoying your ‘trip’ for a whole day!

The Cannabis Guys ‘High’ Rating: 10/10