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The Top 9 Places to Visit in Goderich in 2021

Goderich is a quaint waterside community in the western shores of Ontario. Founded in 1827 by John Galt and William Tiger Dunlop of the Canada Company, the town is located on Ontario’s West Coast in Huron County and is the county seat.

Nestled on the shores of Lake Huron between Kincardine and Grand Bend, this town is renowned for its breathtaking shoreline and historic downtown area, reason enough to be dubbed “Canada’s Prettiest Town.”

Why Should You Visit Godrich Next Time You Are In Canada?

Goderich is coming up as a premier tourist destination for its stunning, unspoiled landscapes and friendly atmosphere. Some of the best places to visit in Goderich include the awe-inspiring Goderich main beach, St. Christopher beach, and Rotary Cove, as well as an array of the Goderich Lighthouse, landmarks, Historical sites, and attractions.

From beautiful beaches, sites, and landmarks to historic sites like Menesetung Bridge, Huron Historic Gaol, and Huron County Museum. Goderich offers a diverse range of travel opportunities to complete vacation in Canada.

Top 9 Places to Visit In Goderich Huron County in 2021

Godrich is home to three beautiful beaches that are a must-see and these include:

Goderich Main Beach,

St.Christopher beach and

Rotary Cove Beach.

These come with free parking, picnic shelters, playgrounds, and public washrooms, these beaches are the perfect location for a day trip. With a boardwalk stretching 1.5 kilometers along the beachfront, you can be sure to catch our famous sunsets from every angle. The hours of operation are mostly between 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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Goderich Main Beach – Scenic Views To Enjoy a Warm, Sunny Day

This is the main beach. It is the first beach as you descend to the Goderich Waterfront, and it is located on the Lake Huron Shoreline. This sandy beach is a great destination for swimming and other recreational water activities. The amenities include washrooms, volleyball nets & other play equipment. From here you can enjoy a unique sight of ships coming into the Port of Goderich with the long boardwalks. The beach has big playgrounds sitting right on the water with most of the area around the beach shaded providing protection from the sun.

There are large rocks you can sit on as you sunbathe and watch the water body. Near the beach stands the lighthouse that is situated high on the bluffs, which provides panoramic views of the lake and harbor, and some amazing views of the sunset. Surrounding the lighthouse is a park that has a nice picnic area. The hours of operation are between 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. To find out more about this beach click here

St. Christopher’s Beach – Light a bud & a BBQ on Christopher’s Beach

St.Christopher’s beach is known for being a place to relax, located in a shaded area in the center of the Goderich Waterfront along 100 Cove Rd, Goderich Canada.

The beach is an amazing tourist spot where you can go to have a family outing for enjoyment and is dog-friendly. The calm, cool waves will allow you to experience all the joy a beach can provide.

The amenities include many picnic pavilions that come with BBQ grills, a playground for kids, many washrooms, and play equipment.

This wide sandy beach will allow you to check out many thriving beautiful spots. The beach has a lot of trees that keep large parts of this beach shady.

You will enjoy walking on the beach with a good breeze, the sand, and the sound of the waves crashing. This beach is the perfect happy place and almost every day of the summer this place is full of people enjoying themselves.

St. Christopher’s Beach operating hours range between 08:00 am – 11:00 pm. To find out more about this beach click here.

Don’t Feel Like Swimming? Rotary’s Shallow Cove Beach Is For You

The beach is located at the end of Cove Road on the Lake Huron shoreline in Goderich. The location is home to sandy beach’s shallow water.

On-premise, they have summer lifeguard supervision making it the ideal family destination. They have washroom facilities and refreshments that are located near the beach.

Some of the amenities include fitness and play equipment for both kids and adults. The view the beach provides is mesmeric, with the rays from the sun reflecting the water providing a relaxing experience.

Operating hours range between 08:00 am – 11:00 pm. To find out more, click here

Historical Sites and Museums That Are a Must-See

From here you will find pieces of agricultural, military, political, cultural, or social history that have been preserved for cultural heritage. Some of these include: Tiger’s tomb, Huron county museum, Huron Historic Gaol, Godrich lighthouse, Menesetung Bridge, and the Godrich town itself has a lot of history to discover about.

Sky Harbour Gallery, and Huron County Museum features captivating exhibits and if you are looking to learn about local history at Goderich Huron Historic Gaol and Livery Theatre are the places to be. If you looking for leisurely outdoors visit Point Farms Provincial Park and Morris Tract Provincial Park

Huron County Museum – Learn All About Huron County’s History Here!

The Huron County Museum has been known to be the home to historical and cultural exhibitions, both temporary and permanent. With thousands of artifacts to illustrate the history of the county for both rural and urban communities with a variety of themes and topics. Some of the permanent exhibitions feature early settlement, military, agriculture, and the main street gallery features a large steam locomotive at the center of the building.

Find out more about the museum from their website to find out about their working hours and entry rates.

Visit The Tiger’s Tomb – Dr. William Dunlop, The Founder’s Burial Plot

This is a small cemetery, the burial plot of the man who founded Goderich, Dr. William Dunlop also known as the Tiger. The large land where this burial site is located is on a bluff overlooking the Maitland River north of Goderich. This is where Dunlop had planned to build a new town named Gairbraid.

Huron Historic Gaol – Ever Wondered What A Jail Looks Like?

The Huron Historic Gaol was built as the Huron County jail for Huron District. It was constructed between 1839 and 1842 using stone from the Maitland River Valley and Michigan. The octagonal jail was designed by Thomas Young, using the model of Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon design for prison construction. The jail stopped being operated as one in 1972 whilst the inmates were taken to Stratford and Walkerton jails.

Menesetung Bridge – Perfect Spot To Enjoy The Scenic View & Breeze

The construction commenced in 1906 by Joseph M. Pigott of Hamilton. The Canadian Pacific Railway carried passenger traffic up to 1961 and served the Town of Goderich and the CPR for over 80 years. The location of the bridge sits on a beautiful spot that tourists like for its beaches and riverfront.

The view from this bridge is mesmerizing. You will spot seagulls flying beneath the bridge. From the west lies the harbor and Lake Huron and from the east the Maitland Golf and Curling Club. Upon crossing the bridge and following the former railway right of way east to the grave of Tiger Dunlop, founder Goderich and the one who helped open up the Huron Tract.

Goderich Lighthouse – Light Your Blunt & Enjoy The Beautiful View

The Goderich Lighthouse sits high on the bluff overlooking Lake Huron. The lighthouse was built in 1847 and it was later accompanied by two breakwater lights in the Goderich Harbor.